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The <a href=''></a> Sunset Strip Was Once a Gamblers Playground. Could Its Future Be a Return to the Past?

If, say, Eddie Nealis, Nola Hahn, Felix Young, Homer “Slim” Gordon or George “Goldie” Goldenberg was associated with a nightclub, odds were better than even that it was gambling joint. “Keep Chicago out of Hollywood- Close Clover Club Gambling Joint.” Anti-gambling signs on a vacant lot owned by the Coyne family, adjacent to the Casanova Club, 8383 Sunset Blvd, c. 1837-1938. Similar signs located on vacant lots at 8381 and 8373 Sunset Blvd. mysteriously caught fire in the wee hours of Aug. 27, 1933. (Photo from L.A. Public Library) One of the biggest gamblers was Billy Wilkerson, the founder and publisher of The Hollywood Reporter. The Strip’s most influential style setter in its formative years, Wilkerson launched two of its most famous clubs – Café Trocadero in 1934 and Ciro’s in 1940 – and a four-star restaurant, La Rue in Sunset Plaza, in 1944.

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